Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cue Concert A, Okay?

Quick-trip, Fast-Track through the ER. In fact, I was the only patient in the waiting room at 4pm. Take note: 5pm on *Wednesday the 14th* is about 2 hours or less, while *Friday the 13th* can be upwards of 18 hours.

It has been the cold that morphs and changes and will not go away since January. Every time I think about going to the doctor, about a month has passed and I'm 'almost better'. Last night I had one of those dreams that I'm dying, so I figgered that when my logic-brain talks to me in my sleep and says [cue Rafiki], "It is time", I'd better listen and go to the doctor.

I _had_ a doctor app't for after-hours with my primary physician in Albany. *Arbor Hill*, afterhours. Go in with difficulty breathing, go out with gunshot splatter. So I was worried. No matter: after picking up my younger son from afterschool play practice, my car started doing the thing it did last time I went to my primary physician, when I was terrified driving it home. It was decided pretty easily then: a few minutes down to Troy to the ER, rather than having breathing problems from an infection, stress and gunshot wound at my primary physician.

Tonight was the "International Dinner" (re-scheduled from last week) at school--my boys had to prepare 2 meals and get there by 6:30. Linda took over that, and though she had wanted to bring out her superhero powers, logic again prevailed and, I decided that if _both_ the dinner and my illness were to be paid attention to, I'd go to the ER and she'd do the dinner with the boys.

I was able to 'nurse' my car to ER.

Standard Questions.

And then the singing. Nurse: "Say 'aahhhhhhhhhhhh'". I did.

I must not have done it right, because the doctor came over and asked with his "aaaaaaaaaaaah". I "aaaahhh'ed" back. I tried to match the pitch and tone exactly, but I *might* have missed. I'm pretty darn sure I got it, but he asked me again, this time with no CUE, and no sheet music, not a note from him at all. I sung the "aaaaaaaaaahhh", but I was unsure: "concert A? mimic _his_ last note? he didn't specify. what do i do?" I *think* his was pretty close to concert A, so I _thought_ I'd pass the test either way, you know.

But an X-ray and breathing-thing later, there was a physician's assistant asking me yet again, but her notes were higher and her own tone wasn't right, just was not right. Do I imitate *that*? And, with the coughing and breathing problems, _can I_ reach that note? Is it a requirement? Can they all agree on the notes??

I think my sons should go in and sing the notes for people. They're not at good as the young Italian singers, "Il Vole", but they sure could help a LOT.

I'm not as worried about my car's bad sounds, notes and vibrations now. I think it will just need to be shot sometime this week. Better her than me.

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